ein Film wie ein Mixtape von Christian Mrasek & Jukka Schmidt
91min, ab 1 Jahre
Kamera Kawe Vakil, Johannes Klais, Marcel Götte & Tobias Linsel, Ton Lukas Lücke, Ralf Weber, Kostüm Nina Wellens,
Produktionsleitung Petra Clemens, Koch & Köchin Guy Nanetti, Konstance Papakonstantinou, Producerin Ulla Wätzig
Location Manager Tim Sann, Produktion ehrenmann filmproduktion gefördert mit Mitteln der Film und Medien Stiftung NRW
Made in Cologne with No Corporate Sponsoring or TV-Involvement.

Finally: A drawing from Sophie Crumb!

And she wrote:

Ok you buncha weirdo obsessed germans! Jesus you must be pretty fucking crazy = awesome, to harass someone for like a year over your bizarre projekt with red ski hats, which i still understand nothing of! We should hang out one day. So i did my little 'scribble' and i hope its ok that it has cheesy colors which go well with the ski hats i believe, and you never said black and white, so there. Good luck with your projekt, and see you one day perhaps! - Sophie the lame ass mother who neglected her kid while drawing for you, so now she has diaper rash and its your fault !!! Ps are you even german? XXXX

Das Premierenpublikum - Crème de la Crème!